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POSTED ON: Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019

Pasterfields Sports Complex is a spectacular project that started as part of Lake Macquarie City Council’s masterplan, years before it was actually installed. Now the amazing Sports Complex is finished, complete with community spaces and facilities including an a_space playground and outdoor gym.

How the concept design turned into an amazing sports complex

The site for Pasterfields is in the heart of Cameron Park, NSW. This area was strategically chosen to enhance the facilities of a region that is full of young families. Lake Macquarie City Council has a strong focus on providing facilities that promote active, healthy lifestyles and making the most of the great outdoors.

This development includes brand new community spaces and facilities including a sports field, netball courts, and a skate park. It also includes 2 playgrounds and an a_space outdoor gym.

a_space designed and installed playground and fitness equipment near the complex’s multi-use games arena, working closely with Terras Landscape Architects to provide advice and deliver a space for all.

This shot shows an over view of the NSW community project to enhance the sports comolex for Lake Macquarie City Council

The knowledge and expertise that a_space brought to the project

The concept designs of the play areas were broken into a junior playground (ages 2-7) and a senior playground (ages 5-12). Thanks to an excellent reputation with Council and local contractors, a_space were chosen to supply everything that was imagined for the junior playground.

The snaking level of the path was one additional challenge for the steep site. This meant that the land lent itself to an upper and lower level playground. Without using too much expensive wet-pour rubber, the space needed to be inclusive for all abilities.

On the upper level, the playground has a nice sensory area where everything is accessible by wheelchair, including a ramp to the deck to use the slide. Another great addition was the lower level activity panels and pommel steps to create challenge and imaginative play elements.

This side on view of the junior playground at Pasterfields Sports Complex shows off the 2 levels

An a_space outdoor gym for the whole community

a_space outdoor fitness equipment was designed to cater to the various strength, fitness and agility levels of the people using it. Because each item can be used in a way that is accessible for users at various stages of their fitness journey, it’s suitable for all ages and abilities.

Our equipment ranges are sleek, simple and safe. We’re proud to be a viable Australian manufacturer who design for Australian conditions, and this was one of the reasons our equipment was chosen for this project.

A mix of static and dynamic outdoor fitness equipment at Pasterfields means there's something for everyone

A mix of static and dynamic equipment was chosen from a_space’s Fit for Parks and Fitness Extra ranges. The Fit for Parks range is body-weight adjustable, dynamic equipment which is well suited for beginners, users with injuries or anyone who wants a low-impact exercise. The Fitness Extra static equipment takes the workout to the next level, but you can take each event at your own pace. a_space equipment is so versatile! Use the Box Jumps to step up and down one foot at a time, or jump up with both at once – turn around and use them for tricep dips or use them for planks and push-ups.

The Sports Complex was dedicated to the late Geoff Pasterfield, a former Mayor for Lake Macquarie. Pasterfield was particularly passionate about sports and recreational facilities, which is what makes the project so appropriate.

As one of the fastest growing suburbs, with one of the City’s youngest populations, Cameron Park was the ideal location. The accessible facilities available promote physical activity, health and wellbeing, and a_space exercise equipment is ideally placed to contribute to that.

All a_space equipment is available with clear instructional signage as well as QR codes linked to exercise guide videos, as a result users can see exactly how to use the equipment safely.

What the community have to say about their new inclusive space

The $15 million complex was completed in mid-2018, and since being open to the community the feedback has been fantastic. Some local residents had this to say:

“Great community facility here for all to use, highly recommended, a must see for all. Plenty of activities to keep the children occupied, excellent playing surfaces. Lots of parking.”

“What a wonderful asset this is, something for everyone from kids to functions, and sport, good use of funding”

a_space a-frame swings are aesthetically pleasing as well as structurally sound

Want to learn more about a_space contributes to community health, fitness and wellbeing objectives? Feel free to give us a call, or just click here to contact us. We love talking about how we can contribute to open space, schools, property developments and even backyards.


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    We are so thrilled that a_space did our school playground. Blackheath School P&C raised enough money to put in play equipment and a_space were really thoughtful and sensitive to our budget. The design, landscaping, project management and installation team were completely professional and approachable through every stage of the process. The children at Blackheath Public School are absolutely thrilled with their new equipment – the teachers can’t keep them off it.

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