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Maintenance Programs and Care Instructions

We provide a Maintenance Guide for every project completed. This identifies inspection frequencies and maintenance regimes to keep outdoor fitness equipment and playground equipment safe, functional and complaint with Standards.

Should you not have the time or resources to undertake maintenance, we offer a programmed maintenance service to give you peace of mind.

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As well as conducting the routine inspections and maintenance outlined in our Maintenance Guide, the following information will assist you to keep your equipment looking good while maintaining hygiene:

Marine grade care & maintenance guidelines
Metals and processes used by a_space for corrosive environments include stainless steel, aluminium and hot dip galvanizing (see table below). Whilst all three are recognised for their excellent corrosive resistance, the effects of airborne salinity and micro-environments have a significant impact on their performance and longevity.

Airborne salinity has a major influence on corrosion rates. Airborne salinity is strongly dependent on the variables influencing the transport inland of sea salt such as wind direction, wind speed, local topography and distance of the site from the sea.

Corrosion rates may increase significantly due to localised micro-environments, such as coastal locations where the surface is not subjected to the cleansing influence of rainwater and/or has a lack of good ventilation. An example of a micro-environment is beneath a shade structure.

The build-up of salt spray will accelerate corrosion of any material. For this reason regular inspections and maintenance are necessary in these micro-environments. Instructions regarding maintenance and care are provided below.

Hot dip galvanized and aluminium powder coated products
Clean with mild soap and fresh water using a soft brush or cloth. Undertake this process upon identification of the build-up of salt spray/ dirt or other contaminants.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel surfaces thrive with frequent cleaning because there is no surface coating to wear off. A soft cloth and clean warm water should always be the first choice for mild stains and loose dirt and soils. A final rinse with clean water and a dry wipe will complete the process and eliminate the possibility of water stains.

Organic solvents can be used to remove fresh fingerprints and oils and greases that have not had time to oxidize or decompose. The preferred solvent is one that does not contain chlorine, such as acetone, methyl alcohol, and mineral spirits. There are many compounded or blended organic cleaners that are commercially available and attempt to optimize both cleanability and safety attributes. Cleaning can be accomplished through wiping with solvent-impregnated cloths, or by sophisticated vapor or spray methods. The wiping technique sometimes leaves a streaked surface.

Rubber wet pour surfacing care and maintenance instructions
Rubber Wet Pour Surfaces will have their lifespan and aesthetics prolonged through regular cleaning and maintenance.
The adoption of a regular maintenance schedule is recommended, with the frequency being contingent upon such factors as volume of traffic and environmental conditions. Inspections will highlight acts of vandalism or unusual wear and tear and may lead to preventative steps being taken to protect the surface in the future.
Care Instructions:

• Loose debris can be removed from the surface with the use of a blower, vacuum cleaner or simply by sweeping.
• A standard garden hose or high pressure cleaner used at a safe distance can be useful for removing dirt which has accumulated on the surface.
• Stubborn stains may be removed with a brush and mild detergents or light soap. It is recommended that a trial area be chosen to test for the suitability of the cleaner. If chemical cleaners are used, it is important that the wet pour surface is rinsed thoroughly to remove all residues. Please AVOID chemicals such as petroleum based products, bleaches and heavy commercial cleaning products. These may damage the surface.

You may notice the following about your freshly installed surface:
• There may be a slight yellowing on the top surface of the wetpour. This effect will diminish over time and is simply a chemical reaction between the different pigmentations.
• There may be slight variations in the colour of the wetpour after laying however this variance will reduce with time.
Environments such as swimming pool surrounds or other wet areas may cause discolouring of the wet pour, however this is not due to a deficiency in the product and is unavoidable.

Cleaning and maintenance of Rotomoulded products
Rotomolded products are manufactured from polyethylene which offers resistance to soil and delivers a long service life if properly maintained. Most stains or soil can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a water rinse, however, stubborn soils will require the use of commercial cleaning products. In all cases, regular cleaning and thorough rinsing will extend the service life and maintain the product appearance.

Hand cleaning operations
A mild detergent applied with a cloth or sponge will effectively deal with normal accumulations of soil.
1. Prepare cleaning solutions according to instructions provided by the detergent manufacturer.
2. Wash surfaces with a wet applicator and thoroughly rinse from top to bottom.
3. Wipe dry to minimize spotting. Multi-purpose foam cleaners are available which provide both cleaning and disinfecting capability. Consult a_space for specific information regarding use.
Removal of heavy soil or stains
Use of an all-purpose cleaner along with a soft brush will remove heavy soil.
1. Saturate the affected area with cleanser and brush in a circular motion.
2. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
NEVER use abrasive detergents or scouring powders on plastic surfaces.

Maintenance of fibreglass slides
Wash at least twice yearly to restore gloss and protect the finish. Wash the surface with a mild detergent. For best results use a cleaning product recommended for fibreglass and follow label directions. DO NOT use automatic dishwasher detergent, abrasives, bleaches, strong chemicals and acids/bases with ammonia. Use only wax recommended for fibreglass and follow instructions carefully. NEVER wash a gelcoat surface in direct sunlight.
Fibreglass slides corrective procedures
Scratches and Nicks – Most will be removed by using a rubbing compound followed by waxing. Deep marks or gouges should be professionally repaired.
Stains – Most will be removed by washing with a mild detergent. For stubborn stains, use a fine abrasive household cleaner followed by waxing to restore original lustre. Non water soluble stains such as grease and oil, rubber heel marks, etc. can often be removed by using a solvent such as acetone, rubbing alcohol, toluene or xylene followed by a mild detergent.
CAUTION: Do not cover the slide with plastic or other non-porous materials which can trap moisture between the cover and the surface.

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