Hobsons Bay City Council – Cherry Lake Altona – VIC


Hobsons Bay City Council received multiple requests from the community to install new Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Cherry Lake, Altona was chosen as an ideal location with its expanse of parkland set beside a significant lake. Council approached a_space to develop a design combining a mix of dynamic and static equipment to suit all ages and abilities.

Waterfront Park, Newstead – QLD


Council’s brief was to create an innovative outdoor exercise space to engage the local community. The design needed to accommodate an existing tight envelope while offering a variety of items to suit users of different ages and fitness levels. Importantly, the equipment needed to be robust and constructed from appropriate materials to withstand the local coastal conditions.

Brisbane City Council – Grinstead Park – QLD


Brisbane City Council allocated Grinstead Park as one of 10 locations to benefit from their Active Parks Program, offering the local community an exciting space to exercise.

Council’s scope was to incorporate equipment that was versatile and catered to all muscle groups to allow for a full body workout.