Project Planning and Management

Selecting equipment is only part of a playground or outdoor gym project. Considerations including site design landscaping, softfall and edging, project planning, co-ordination of sub contractors, and compliance with all requirements are essential.

We work with you to identify the considerations, outline options, prepare plans and manage them through to ensure the delivery of a safe, quality project.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

We’re around for the life of your equipment.

While we are focused on the manufacture and supply of great products, we see ourselves as being in the customer service business and are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Service and support lie at the core of our business. When we supply playground or outdoor fitness equipment we stand behind it providing an extensive warranty and offering back up service and support.

To ensure ongoing safety and compliance of your equipment, regular inspections need to be performed and routine maintenance undertaken. We provide a Maintenance Guide with all equipment we supply. This Guide provides clear instructions to ensure your equipment remains complaint.

We carry spare parts for all systems we produce and offer a range of maintenance programs. Please contact us for further information.