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POSTED ON: Saturday, 13 Nov 2010

This week, Councillor Rodney Degens of Coffs Harbour City Council put forward the idea of a playground for seniors? Some thought his idea was crazy. What, swings and slides for granny? Not exactly, the Councillor was putting forward the concept of outdoor gyms accessible to seniors as a means of getting seniors in the community more active.

As Councillor Degens put it, “As we are all getting older and in our turn becoming seniors, shouldn’t we desire that these seniors remain as healthy as they can, as flexible and as self-reliant as possible?” The article grabbed the attention of the media and was run by the local daily and radio station.

The newspaper article can be found here
The idea of calling outdoor gyms ‘Playgrounds for Seniors’ is a good one. After all, working out in parks should be fun!

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