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POSTED ON: Monday, 27 Aug 2018

Ever wondered where old playgrounds go?

a_space are proud to be a viable Australian Manufacturer, and we do everything we can to maintain a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business.

So, when School for Life were kindly donated a container to fill with items for their schools in Uganda – a_space were happy to find some play equipment to re-purpose for a great cause.

School for Life were particularly interested in educational and play equipment to donate, to enhance the learning environment for their students. Their mission is to provide quality education where it’s needed most and to develop the capacity of the individual to create his/her own opportunities, because they believe that education is the key to ending the cycle of poverty.

The play equipment donated by a_space contributes to the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of the students, especially the younger ones.

To see this end result - priceless! So many happy faces in this school in rural Uganda

Playtime is important for nurturing childhood brain development, allowing children to learn new things, develop socialisation skills, and grow into adults who are better able to navigate and adapt in complex situations. Physical play, in particular, helps develop gross and fine motor skills and contributes overall to a child’s health and well-being.

a_space are so happy to have been able to contribute to School for Life’s greater mission by donating some of our items, which have been turned into an exciting playground, thanks to some handy volunteers on the ground in Uganda.

If you’d like to help contribute to the work School for Life does, they have a range of ways you can donate or help. For a truly meaningful experience the Parent & Child Travel4Good trip helps to raise much-needed funds for the schools and gives you the opportunity to see first-hand what School for Life is accomplishing in rural Uganda.

Everything we manufacture at a_space is designed to make children smile, and as you can see in the photos from the school in Uganda – they’re ear-to-ear.


 A look at all the play elements that were able to be created with donated items.

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    We are so thrilled that a_space did our school playground. Blackheath School P&C raised enough money to put in play equipment and a_space were really thoughtful and sensitive to our budget. The design, landscaping, project management and installation team were completely professional and approachable through every stage of the process. The children at Blackheath Public School are absolutely thrilled with their new equipment – the teachers can’t keep them off it.

    Jody Lee

    “This project was excellent, ran smoothly, was well coordinated and completed ahead of schedule. A new rubber surface, some new equipment and shade installation has given this playground a great face lift and an extended life”

    Paul Hofman, Liverpool City Council NSW
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