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POSTED ON: Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016

Primary school students are far less physically active than in the past, mainly because so little time is spent engaging in outdoor play and more time is spent in front of screens.  As a result, their capacity to learn in school is being severely impacted.

A landmark study conducted at the Australian National University’s Medical School has found a strong link between improved academic performance and physical exercise.

Professor Richard Telford from the university explains ”Kids need to become more physically active because of increasing trends for children to suffer from chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. If children are not exercising, they may not have the optimum environment for growth of the body and brain”.

A Bluearth survey of 3,000 teachers involved in a student health program found 91% of teachers had reported that increased physical activity sessions improved their students’ behaviour and social skills. 98% noticed a positive impact in classroom work and 89% of teachers reported improvements in self-esteem.

With a growing up-take of schools investing in outdoor fitness spaces, a_space’s Fun ’n Fitness outdoor gym equipment is finding a new home in primary schools throughout Australia. It is age appropriate, robust, innovative and fosters healthy competition for students.

For advice or assistance with a new primary school outdoor gym project, call 1800 632 222 or contact us.


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    We are so thrilled that a_space did our school playground. Blackheath School P&C raised enough money to put in play equipment and a_space were really thoughtful and sensitive to our budget. The design, landscaping, project management and installation team were completely professional and approachable through every stage of the process. The children at Blackheath Public School are absolutely thrilled with their new equipment – the teachers can’t keep them off it.

    Jody Lee

    “This project was excellent, ran smoothly, was well coordinated and completed ahead of schedule. A new rubber surface, some new equipment and shade installation has given this playground a great face lift and an extended life”

    Paul Hofman, Liverpool City Council NSW
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