Spire Towers 

Spire Towers offer fun and innovative play activities from the ground to the top level.

Australian made and designed, these towers are packed with play value and moments of fun and discovery at every level. A fully immersive world of play children can lose themselves in and live out their own big adventures.


Multiple user paths offer different levels of challenge and hours of fun. Climbing nets, rock walls, ladders, tunnels, play panels and hammocks are just some of the activities offered at ground level. Transition ramps, rope elevators, spaghetti mazes and talk tubes are more of the activities provided on the way up. And, of course, there’s an array of spectacular slides to whizz down!

Design Considerations

Spire Towers are designed and engineered for Australian conditions catering for our wide ranging climate from searing sun to gale force winds and flooding rains. Materials include quality steel uprights, aluminium platforms, panels and rooves, and Australian hard woods.

Australian Themes
Each tower comes in 3 distinct themes inspired by nature and a uniquely Australian design aesthetic.
Taking its cues from the rich, lush foliage of Australian Rainforests and surrounding waterways, this palette offers a relaxing, tonal balance of green shades.
The cool blue splash of the Ocean has inspired this colour scheme. It’s designed to enhance and blend into Australian coastal environments.
The flowering gums’ stunning pink flowers and brilliantly contrasting greens have inspired a modern colour scheme that speaks of the vibrant Australian bush-lands.
Spire Towers
Spire Towers offer fun and innovative play activities from the ground to the top level.

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