Premium Commercial Playground Structures for an Awesome Childhood

At a_space, we’re dedicated to enriching the lives of children across Australia through our innovative and high-quality commercial playground structures. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and direct collaboration, we design and manufacture outdoor recreation spaces that stand the test of time. From schools to community spaces, our playground structures bring joy, encourage active play, and foster social interaction among kids of all ages.

Our Diverse Range of Playground Structures

Spire Towers: A beacon of fun, offering play activities that encourage kids to climb, explore, and play at every level.
Contemporary: Modern designs that blend seamlessly into urban and natural environments, encouraging creative play.
Organic: Nature-inspired structures that promote exploration and appreciation of the natural world.
Junior: Perfectly sized for the little adventurers, our junior range is safe, engaging, and endlessly fun.
Inclusive Play: Designed to be accessible for children of all abilities, ensuring every child can play and learn together.
Active Play Circuits: Encourages physical activity through fun, challenging circuits that kids love.
Climbing Nets: Offers a thrilling climbing experience that builds strength, coordination, and confidence.
Swings: A playground staple, our swings cater to various ages and provide the timeless joy of flying through the air.
Spinners: Exciting and dizzying, our spinners offer a whirlwind of fun for brave adventurers.
Spring & Bounce: Bouncing equipment that provides a giggly, joyful experience for younger children.
Sensory & Learning Play: Engages the senses and stimulates cognitive development through interactive play.
Flying Foxes: Brings the thrill of zip-lining to the playground, offering a rush like no other.
Themed Play: Immerse children in imaginative worlds where they can play out endless adventures.

Experience and Expertise in Play

With years of experience in designing and installing play structures, a_space is a leader in creating dynamic and engaging playgrounds. Our commitment to quality and safety, combined with our innovative designs, makes us the preferred choice for commercial playground structures in Australia.

The a_space Process: From Dream to Reality

Explore Our Range: Browse our extensive collection and click on the product you’re interested in.
Request a Quote: Submit an inquiry on the product page for a comprehensive quote.
Consultation: We’ll reach out to discuss your needs in detail and provide expert advice.
Custom Design: If required, our team will work with you to create a custom play structure that meets your specific requirements.
Installation Planning: An on-site visit will be arranged to plan the installation process.
Professional Installation: Our experienced team will ensure your new play structure is installed safely and efficiently.
Ongoing Support: We offer comprehensive support and maintenance to keep your playground in top condition.