Experiencing the Thrill of Flying Foxes in Australian Playgrounds

Unleash the excitement of a flying adventure in your local playground with a_space’s premium range of Flying Fox playground equipment.

Our Australian-made flying foxes, available for sale, are not just an exhilarating addition to playgrounds but also a tool for enhancing children’s balance, coordination, and strength.

If you’re looking for a flying fox for a community park for your school playground, our extensive range caters to all needs. With a_space’s flying fox, available in Australia, create a memorable and adventurous playground experience that kids will adore.

Product Description

Fly through the air with a_space’s Flying Foxes for playgrounds. Designed and manufactured in Australia our Flying Foxes are both robust and make an architectural statement. Available in single or double options.

Our Process: From Enquiry to Play

Enquiry & Consultation: Contact us to discuss your vision.
Site Inspection & Design: On-site evaluations lead to tailored designs.
Manufacturing & Installation: We manufacture and offer end-to-end installation services.
Project Completion: Enjoy your new play space, completed within agreed timeframes.

a_space’s Experience in Manufacturing and Installing Flying Foxes

With years of expertise in creating engaging and safe playgrounds, a_space is a leader in manufacturing and installing commercial flying fox equipment in Australia.

Our commitment to quality and safety, combined with our innovative designs, ensures that our flying foxes are not just fun but also durable and compliant with Australian standards. Trust a_space to bring an exhilarating yet safe flying fox experience to your community.

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