Active Play Circuits

What are Active Play Circuits?

It’s well known that physical activity is vital for developing healthy, happy kids. However, physical activity levels amongst children have been declining for years.

Contributing factors include reduced phys-ed and sport in many schools, increased screen time, and COVID. Apart from the physical health impact, reduced physical activity is impacting children’s resilience and mental health.

To address this emerging crisis, a_space recognised the need to revolutionise what playgrounds look like. Our team applied decades of experience and researched social trends to envision a solution that would engage and drive improved health outcomes. This led to the creation of Active Play Circuits.



Active Play Circuits are a new form of playground configured to promote strength, mobility, dexterity, problem solving and resilience. Inspired by the enormous popularity of the Australian Ninja Warrior series, each Circuit is arranged with a clear start and finish containing a series of obstacles in between.

Active Play Circuits are designed to provide a fun challenge. The challenge inspires kids to improve. For some it will be mastering individual obstacles, for others, it will be achieving a ‘personal best’ time.

Through taking on this fun challenge, kids naturally build strength, agility, coordination, stamina and resilience

Mastering individual obstacles
The benefits of honing in and mastering an obstacle include sequencing and memory skills, replay values and cardiovascular endurance.
Staggered obstacle course run throughs
Kids take turns tackling their obstacle course and in the process work directly on improving their techniques while indirectly building their fitness.
Active Play competitions
Consider running formal events where kids are timed from start to finish with awards for great times.
Active Play Circuits for Schools
Active Play Circuits for Open Space
Every Active Play Circuit is the result of careful planning to ensure they are widely accessible yet challenging enough to keep kids engaged. The sequencing of obstacles in each circuit delivers fun while building strength and stamina. The following selection of Circuits have been developed to allow for different space availability and budgets. If you don’t see a standard Circuit that meets your specific requirements talk with us and we’ll customize a Circuit for your application.
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