Experience the Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Adventure with Our Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course Style Equipment

a_space, an Australian leader in outdoor recreation spaces, introduces the groundbreaking Park Warrior range, blending the thrill of Ninja Warrior courses with the accessibility of community parks. Designed for teens, youth, and young adults, Park Warrior offers an innovative approach to fitness and play, encouraging active lifestyles through exciting and challenging outdoor obstacle courses.

Park Warrior: Revolutionising Outdoor Fitness

The Park Warrior range is a game-changer in outdoor fitness, offering a unique category that bridges exercise and play. Developed to motivate individuals aged 10 and up to embrace health and fitness in the great outdoors, Park Warrior courses are not just about physical challenges—they’re about fun, engagement, and community.

Product Highlights

Compact Course: Ideal for smaller spaces without compromising on the challenge.
Challenger Course: Offers a balanced set of obstacles for those seeking to test their limits.

Multi Course: A diverse range of obstacles designed to cater to all fitness levels.
Mega Course: The ultimate test of strength, agility, and endurance for serious warriors.

The Park Warrior Process: Bringing Adventure to Your Community

Discover the Range:
Browse our selection of Park Warrior courses to find the perfect fit for your community space.
Get in Touch: Submit an inquiry on your chosen product page for a detailed quote.
Personal Consultation: Our team will contact you to discuss your project’s unique requirements and how Park Warrior can elevate your space.
Site Evaluation: We offer an on-site visit to ensure the chosen course fits seamlessly into your designated area.
Custom Design: If our standard configurations don’t meet your needs, we’re ready to create a bespoke Park Warrior course tailored to your specifications.
Professional Installation: Our experienced installers will bring your Ninja Warrior-style course to life with precision and care.
Aftercare Support: a_space provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your Park Warrior course remains a community favorite for years to come.

a_space's Commitment to Quality and Innovation

With years of expertise in designing and manufacturing outdoor fitness and playground equipment, a_space is at the forefront of creating engaging, durable, and safe recreation spaces. Our Park Warrior courses are the result of extensive research, development, and testing, ensuring they offer maximum enjoyment and fitness benefits while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Park Warrior selected for Australian Ninja Games!

Park Warrior was selected for the 2024 Australian Ninja Games. Competitors paid tribute the innovation and quality of the Park Warrior course.

Park Warrior Brochure
Join the Outdoor Fitness Revolution
Whether you're looking to introduce a Ninja Warrior course into a community park, school, or public space, a_space is your partner in creating dynamic and engaging outdoor fitness solutions. Contact us today to begin your journey toward a more active and fun-filled community.

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