a_space have developed a significant innovation in open space designed to engage teens, youth and young adults in active play through their brand new Park Warrior obstacle courses. To find out more view the Park Warrior Brochure

Park Warrior. A game changer!

A brand new category straddling exercise and play, the ‘Park Warrior’ range has been developed to encourage people aged 12 and up to get active and healthy in open space while having fun.

Brisbane's first Park Warrior Course

Queensland’s first Park Warrior course at Guyatt Park, St Lucia was recently opened by Cr James Mackay. This much anticipated obstacle course will challenge users of all fitness levels as they pursue their fitness goals.

Park Warrior Courses

Four configurations of courses have been created to cater to different size spaces and budgets. Each configuration provides a carefully planned sequence of obstacles testing each user’s strength, agility, co-ordination and problem solving ability.

See the courses below.

Adding dimension to Park Warrior. The App!

The App sets a new standard. While the obstacle course equipment on its own is exciting, the App really brings it to life! At its core the Park Warrior App:

• Educates, motivates and engages users.
• Records and posts times.

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